Death Rides the Sky Rides High in the Press

Death Rides the Sky: The Story of the 1925 Tri-State Tornado, published earlier this year by Black Oak Media, continues to make headlines as the author conducts an extensive book tour throughout the region affected by the tornado. Here is a sample of the most recent articles:

Angela Mason visits for book signing
January 23, 2012

MT. VERNON — — Angela Mason visited Mt. Vernon Saturday to talk about her book, “Death Rides the Sky.”

“Death Rides the Sky” follows the path of the devastating March 18, 1925, Tri-State Tornado, which damaged and destroyed several Southern Illinois towns, killing hundreds of people from Missouri to Indiana.

Mason, a Calhoun resident, wrote the book in 1999 after the newspaper she worked for at the time ran a special section remembering the anniversary of the disaster.

Tragic Tales of the Tri-State Twister
Feb 04, 2012
By Melody Hagen

Flora, Ill. — On March 18, 1925, a storm like no other took to the sky.

Later known as the Tri-State Tornado, this twister killed 695 people and injured 2,027 in its 219-uninterrupted-mile path of destruction through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

Author Angela Mason, 49, of Richland County, was at the Flora Public Library, on Saturday, January 28, to promote and sign her book, “Death Rides the Sky: The Story of the 1925 Tri-State Tornado.”

Mason said that her account was the most comprehensive story of the storm available to date.

The storm, according to Mason, “Had the highest damage amount, $16.5 million, in 1925 dollars; the widest damage path, at  one and one-quarter miles wide in Hamilton County.”

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