“The Creeping Hand of the State” Available on iTunes, Amazon.com, and Other Venues

“The Creeping Hand of the State” and Other Reflections On America’s Orwellian Future by Michael Kleen, our first audio album, is now available as an mp3 download from a variety of online stores.

“The Creeping Hand of the State” is a collection of columns and editorials as read by the author. Topics include the increasing intrusion of government into private life, regulation of the Internet, why culture is a more effective vehicle for social change than law, the growing crisis of confidence in government and media, totalitarianism, the erosion of civil liberties, and much more!

Track titles include, “Internet Censorship: A Litmus Test for Freedom,” “The Demoralizing Nature of the State,” “Say ‘No!’ to Moral Legislation,” “The Crisis of Confidence,” and “Courts Overturn 4th Amendment.” There are eleven tracks in all, for over 60 minutes of playing time. Order it today from the following online stores:

Apple iTunes
Amazon MP3

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