Meet Our New Authors

Two new authors will be joining us soon at Black Oak Media, Susie Rigsby with her novel Second Chances: The Kate Corbin Story, and Kevin Scott Collier with his non-fiction book Final Doom: The Frederick Hollman Story. Both will be released early next month.

Susie Rigsby resides in southern Illinois with her dog and two cats. Once a working mother that raised three sons and a daughter, she had to balance her time between a job, school activities, sports and maintaining a home. A romantic at heart, and when time allowed, she was engrossed in reading a romance book. Always amazed at the various writing styles of different authors, she’s found that a good romance writer has a special way of making sure a reader will recognize their prose. She’s striving to attain that same distinction. She loves to read and says the only thing better than reading a good book is to write one. Now retired, when she’s not focused on writing another novel, Susie enjoys being outdoors to grow a garden, do yard work or just take a walk.

Kevin Scott Collier, 55, is the author and/or illustrator of over 100 books for children and teens. He began his career as an author in 2004 with his first published book, the critically acclaimed He recently wrote and illustrated a book series for the “Tanked” TV programs, which airs on the Animal Planet Network. Collier has also a graphic designer and columnist for the Grand Haven Tribune newspaper for over 30 years and is a member of the Dusty Dozens historical group of Ottawa County, Michigan.

In the past few years, Collier released a series of books titled “Strange Grand Haven” based on paranormal stories and folklore originating in and surrounding his hometown. The theme has also become a weekly column in the daily newspaper Collier works for. Today, he lives with his wife and son near the shore of Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, Michigan.

A history buff of the strange and unusual, Collier was struck by news in Grand Haven Tribune newspaper microfilm files from 1897 of a former resident of his hometown who moved on to become one of our nation’s first serial killers. He attempted to uncover more about the man, Frederick Hollman, but found virtually no record of the man, thus decided to write a book on American’s overlook killer. The research involved digging through countless historical newspapers, records, transcripts and uncovered many descendants of victims in the story. The result is Final Doom: The Frederick Hollman Story, which took over two years to compile and write.

One response to “Meet Our New Authors

  1. Would like to forward information to Kevin Collier. I am one of three great grandsons of Caroline (Carrie) Bauman Lenz who was strangled by Hollman. I’ve got original photos of family, receipt of watch of Carrie’s (my mother has watch). Thanks

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