Amelia Cotter On Her Maryland Book Tour

Author Amelia Cotter is back from a whirlwind tour for her latest book Maryland Ghosts: Paranormal Encounters in the Free State, and she joins us with all the details! Amelia appeared at the Golden Corral at Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, the Frederick Coffee Company in Frederick, and the Barnes & Noble in Bel Air, Maryland.

How did it feel to be back in Maryland as a published author? Were your events a success?

The Maryland tour dates were a huge success. I had the highest turnouts I’ve ever experienced and sold a record number of books. It was awesome to connect with people from my home state, and not just sell books at the events, but have people bring me well-worn copies of Maryland Ghosts to sign. I even got “audience requests” for which stories to read. I had so much fun, too, and feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends and fans who support me. It felt surreal to return to Maryland as an author, especially at the last night’s Barnes & Noble event in Bel Air. That is my hometown and the bookstore of my childhood. It was just unreal to be there holding my own event.

What kind of response did you receive at your book signings?

People were very excited both before and after. I’d say about 70 people turned out in three days and I sold at least that many books. Inspired Ghost Tracking, a big ghost hunting group in Maryland, sponsored my first event and there was a huge turnout. The Frederick News-Post then covered my second event in Frederick, where I went to college, and there was a nice article in the paper about me, which was also really cool to see. In Bel Air, I was really touched because a lot of friends I haven’t seen in years, from middle and high school, came out to see me. It was such an honor.

Get links to more info on how you can own a copy of Amelia’s books at her author page.

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