A Haunted Book Signing?

It is par for the course for author Bruce Cline. If you enjoy the following excerpt, please visit our book page for More History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois and pick up a copy, available in both print and digital formats.

“Many of you will remember stories about the hauntings at the Rose Hotel in Elizabethtown from our first book, History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois. When the book was released in the summer of 2011, we decided to have our first official book signing at the Rose Hotel and spend the night there with some select ghost hunters.

This stay at the Rose Hotel was the most active one at this historic and famous site to date! We think the large crowd and excitement from our book signing got the spirits all stirred up.

Starting about 11PM we heard the voices and giggles of two little girls below the bluff and along the river bank. When we went down to investigate, there was no one there! When we went back to the gazebo, we heard them again. Each time we went looking for the little girls, no one was around!

The PX Device was extremely chatty in the McFarlan Suite. We detected a strong scent of camphor in the suite and had several unexplainable EMFs. We got a strong EMF coming from a doll’s eyes. A little while later, the EMF moved from the doll to the left side of the desk that the doll was sitting on. A while later the EMF moved once again to the frame around a mirror in the room. After that we heard several voices and the smell of smoke coming from the dining room. We all rushed out of the suite and down the stairs to the dining room….no one was there and the smell of smoke was gone.

Courtney had the key to the McFarlan Suite forcefully jerked out of her hand by unseen means. We then heard footsteps stomping up and down the staircase to the dining room when no one was on the stairs.

The coat hangers in our room kept swaying and clanging together even though no one had touched them and there was no breeze to make them move. At 2:10 P.M. all of our motion detectors were activated and would not turn off. At the same time we had EMF readings in the 2 – 4 miligauss range.”

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