Black Oak Presents

Black Oak Presents was a quarterly digital journal we published between 2007 and 2010. In all, 15 issues were produced in those four years. The goal of Black Oak Presents was to highlight artwork, photography, poetry, and writing by up-and-coming artists of the Midwest. We also featured interviews, articles, photo essays, and reviews. The complete archives are available to download at the links below (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). For some issues, print editions are available for purchase.

During our short run, we were privileged to interview a number of Midwestern artists and educators, as well as some controversial and nationally-known academics, writers, and social & environmental activists. Whether it is Jenny Keefe, “Jessamyn and Charles,” and DJ Peter Propaganda discussing their local music scenes, Hart D. Fisher reflecting on his days as a horror comic publisher in Illinois, or Peter Brock discussing the problems afflicting international journalism in the United States, there is something for everyone. We hope our readers will find this journal challenging, informative, and entertaining.

Black Oak Presents: Winter 2010

In our Winter 2010 issue, we bring you short stories by Chavo Antonio, Amelia Cotter, Ulysses Gerdes, and Andy Nowicki, plus art and photography by Mark Swain, Dean M. Vandenhoy, Jamie Williams & more! Plus, you won’t want to miss our interview with “Jessamyn and Charles” a musical duo from Peoria, Illinois and winner of our 2010 local music search!

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Black Oak Presents: Autumn 2010

In our Autumn 2010 issue, we bring you interviews with two of the Midwest’s hottest burlesque stars, Red Hot Annie and Foxy Tann. We also feature fiction by Troy Blackford, William Feltt, Eckhard Gerdes, and Lino Valentim, as well as art and photography by George Denninger, Kate McGee, Erin Nolan, Claudia Smalley. Eckhard Gerdes continues Black Oak Presents’ tradition of being on the cutting edge with his experimental fiction “A New Fence.”

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Black Oak Presents: Summer 2010

In our Summer 2010 issue, Black Oak brings you an exclusive interview with Andrew Yeoman of the Bay Area National Anarchists. We also feature art by Ryan Hoevenaar, Rachel Katzman, Kieran McGonnell, and more, plus fiction by Golda Carrico, Steven Clark, Robert Klein Engler, and Nick Vracar.

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Black Oak Presents: Spring 2010

In our Spring 2010 issue, Black Oak brings you an exclusive interview with Jan Stover, Founder and Director of The Mothers Institute. We feature a review of Minsk’s new album ‘With Echoes in the Movement of Stone’, as well as profiles of other local artists. This issue also contains art, fiction, and photography by Ann Coddington Rast, Stephen Cunningham, Camille Hawbaker, Mark Swain, and many others.

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Black Oak Presents: Summer 2009

Interview with Hart D. Fisher of American Horrors. Narratives and Poetry by: Joe Pryce, Stephen Redding, Lino Valentim, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, and Lorelei Bell. Artwork and Photography by: Kieran McGonnell, Jane Linders, Jennica Abrams, Missy Sue, Jeffrey A. Sass, and Mark A. Polege.

Black Oak Presents: Spring 2009

Interview with Stephanie Kuehnert, author of I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE. Narratives and Poetry by: Xenia Sunic, Dr. Jeff Higgason, Steven Clark, and Zach Germaniuk. Artwork and Photography by: Chris Taylor, Kate McGee, and Greg Inda.

Black Oak Presents: Winter 2009

Interviews with Dr. Tom Sunic and Dr. Phillip W. Serna. Narratives and Poetry by: William Feltt, Dr. Jeff Higgason, Rafael Miguel, Frank Palmer Purcell, and Lino Valentim. Artwork and Photography by: Greg Inda, Jackie Settepani, and David Waters.

Black Oak Presents: Autumn 2008

Articles and Reviews by: Dr. Jeff Higgason, Chris Lempa, Cathal Liam McFee, Bob Poole, Patrick Sullivan, and Michael Watts. Narratives and Poetry by: Glen Davis, Bethany Jordan Folk, and Tanya Kelley. Artwork and Photography by: Cindy Bernhard, Vaeda Baty, Danielle A. Levsky, Jackie Settepani, Chris Taylor, and Dawn Thomas.

Black Oak Presents: Summer 2008

Interview with Derrick Jensen, author of The Culture of Make Believe and Endgame. Articles and Reviews by: Chris Lempa, Pat Sullivan, Jordan Fisher Smith, and Molly Fisk. Narratives and Poetry by: Katherine McGee, David Matson, and Nick Vracar. Artwork and Photography by: David Matson and Greg Inda.

Black Oak Presents: Spring 2008

Black Oak Presents: Winter 2008

Black Oak Presents: Autumn 2007

Black Oak Presents: Summer 2007

Black Oak Presents: Spring 2007

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