Diaries of the Dark Side

By Cassidy O’Connor

Memoir, Occult, Paranormal
124 pages, Summer 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0-9790401-5-3

Young Cassidy O’Connor was an avid researcher of the supernatural. When she found herself involved in a case that was unlike any other, however, she was forced to open her eyes. With the introduction of young Matthew into her life, she began to realize this was not a normal haunting. This was something very different – this was evil.  Cassidy dug through layers of historical events and learned how the past can always come back to haunt you. Combining history with folklore, she discovered that what tormented Matthew and his family was not a ghost or a simple whisper, but something out of Hell itself.

This is a true, first-person account from the woman who aided that family over a three year period. Not even medical diagnoses, hospitals, or the legal system could explain what plagued Matthew, but Cassidy, without any experience of the demonic, had to prepare herself for the fight. This story is a warning to those who believe that the world of the demonic is something to toy with. It is a warning to those who feel that fame and fortune can come from entering that forbidden world.

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Praise for Diaries of the Dark Side:

“From the moment I started this book I could feel the energy in this story. It’s amazing how connected I felt to a family I never met and how the balance of good vs. evil is closer than we think. Cassidy brings forth such an honest portrayal of this family’s story but with an underlying discretion that comes from a true professional. This story is real and raw and a definite read for believers and skeptics alike.”

“I have read so many books in this genre, however this one has surpassed any I’ve read to date. It was unsettling to read how demonic influence can impact one’s life…a must read!”

“This story is a great example of the human spirit and it’s ability to triumph over real evil. I admire how the author never gave up on working with this family no matter all the set backs. It’s a great read for anyone interested in the supernatural.”

“Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down until I reached the end. It has given me a higher respect for the power of evil. I can’t wait for Cassidy’s next book to come out.”

“This is a great story and Cassidy O’Connor is a wonderful story teller. Careful! It’s a scary story and a true story. I’ve met this author on a number of occasions, she is as sweet and genuine as they come. She is strong with a compelling personality. All of these assets come through wonderfully in her writing. This woman may well be a natural writer.”