History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois

By Bruce and Lisa Cline

Travel/Illinois, History, Paranormal
134 pages, Summer 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0-9790401-1-5

At long last, the archives of the Little Egypt Ghost Society and the Gaslight Ghoul Club have been opened. Within these pages, uncover the secrets behind some of southern Illinois’ most famous ghost stories and legends. Bruce and Lisa Cline expose the truth behind the Murphysboro Mud Monster, present evidence of paranormal activity at places such as the Rose Hotel, Oakland Cemetery, and Harrisburg’s Cinema 4, and explain the history behind some of southern Illinois’ most controversial and eccentric figures. From the Old Slavehouse, to the Rose Hotel, to the Woodlawn Sarcophagus and beyond, join the Little Egypt Ghost Society as they explore some of Illinois oldest and most interesting places!

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Praise for History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois:

“I am a big fan of any book about local history and ghost stories. When I first heard about this new book about southern Illiois I knew that I had discovered a real gem. Books about southern Illinois are rare and books that are devoted to southern Illnois mysteries and haunting are even more difficult to find. This book is extremely informative and entertaining. One of the things that I liked most about this book was reading about some of the history of the southern part of the state that very few people know about. I really enjoyed this book and only hope that Bruce and Lisa Cline will come out with a second book soon.”

“Very few books have been written about the ghosts and hauntings of southern Illinois. History, Mystery and Hauntings of Southern Illinois has filled this void. Most of the books to be found that have any ghost stories about southern Illinois aka “Little Egypt” are the same old and tired, rehashed stories that everyone who has ever lived in Little Egypt grew up with. Authors Bruce and Lisa Cline have presented new material and other stories that very few people are even aware of. This book is a refreshing collection taken directly from the case files of the Little Egypt Ghost Society and the Gaslight Ghoul Club that was formed by the Clines… If you enjoy history, mysteries and ghosts, then History, Mystery and Hauntings of Southern Illinois is the book you have been waiting for.”

“What a book! as soon as I started reading it captured my full and undivided attention. All I can say is that few authors can do this and Bruce and Lisa Cline are that type.This book is full of historical info on southern Illinois and has opened up my eyes to other horizons. Great and easy to read! This book is a must have for any serious ghost hunter!”