Home of the Brave, Part 1

By Michael Kleen

Alternative History, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction
104 pages, Summer 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0-9790401-6-0

The year is 2015. Chris Randall is an average American male. Growing up during the 1990s, he witnesses the turmoil of the world through the safety of a television set. His idols include popular musicians and sports figures. He cannot point out the country of Mongolia on a map. The hardest decision he faces is whether to go to college or join the military like so many of his friends. But something happens that changes all of that.

In one day, his entire world is unraveled. A massive electromagnetic pulse cripples all electronic devices throughout the country, and temporary chaos sets in. What emerges is a different but strangely familiar world?a world that had always been seething just beneath the surface. As the dust settles, only the strong and resourceful survive. Millions of others die from famine, disease, and disorder. Chris must make a choice: succumb to nihilism, hatred, and self-destruction, or find redemption by leaving behind everything he has ever known.

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Praise for Home of the Brave, Part 1:

“I just finished Home of the Brave, Part 1. Because I’ve read so many EMP-genre books, I was surprised how hard it was to put down given it’s teen orientation. It is written from the perspective of a high school jock consumed with his future soccer career, and thinks politics are stupid. When the attack comes, no one in his circle of friends has a clue, but they are immediately in a fight for their lives. Because it is a serial novel, Part 1 ends right about there. It isn’t nearly as complex or cozy as other post-apocalyptic novels, and at times feels quite heavy and dated, but I think young guys who hate to read, but like a good story that moves fast would enjoy it. I am looking forward to the next installment.”

“I liked the author’s insight into the behavior of our teenage society and how it would react to a total grid shutdown. (With the advent of Fukushima showing how important it is to keep water over fuel rods to keep them from burning and releasing radioactivity I believe that would be a very complicating factor in such a scenario; ie you need electric pumps to keep working to keep the water over those fuel rods, but I digress.) I’m impatiently waiting for part 2.”

“I consider Author and Folk Lore Historian, Mike Kleen, a friend so I am biased. Having said that, I greatly enjoyed the book and demonstrates a mature writing style from a young author. The book starts off with a clear focus on the main character and sets the scenes for the plot beautifully. The writing is crystal clear so it is hard to write a review without spoilers. Needless to say, the greatest disappointment in this book is only that Part 2 is not out yet!”