Maryland Ghosts

Paranormal Encounters in the Free State

By Amelia Cotter

Travel/Maryland, Folklore, Paranormal
152 Pages, Spring 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1-61876-004-3

Join author and paranormal explorer Amelia Cotter as she presents a chilling collection of personal paranormal encounters gathered from friends, family, ghost hunting teams, and suburban adventurers across Maryland—in some of its most legendary haunted locations, private homes, hidden, and sometimes unexpected places. From classic haunted houses to UFO sightings and mysterious creatures, these true stories, powerfully told in the words of those who experienced them, are sure to entertain and engage paranormal enthusiasts in Maryland and beyond.

Here’s a look at what awaits you in Maryland Ghosts: Paranormal Encounters in the Free State… An amazing apparition photo caught in the Dr. Samuel Mudd House in Waldorf; The restless spirits of Hood College’s German House in Frederick; Incredible investigation findings from Jericho Covered Bridge near Kingsville; Visitors from another planet on Lottsford Vista Road in Mitchellville; The shadow figures and strange folks that once lurked at Ellicott City’s Hell House; and much more!

“Get ready for a haunted road trip through Maryland! The walls of those old buildings as well as the battlefields and other great landmarks can talk…and Amelia Cotter is listening. Maryland Ghosts: Paranormal Encounters in the Free State offers the history, the paranormal details, and the first-hand accounts that make us care deeply about these ghostly treasures. A great read throughout!” –Jeff Belanger, author of The World’s Most Haunted Places, Founder of, and host of 30 Odd Minutes

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Praise for Maryland Ghosts:

“The book is presented with first-hand experiences as well as startling interviews that Ms. Cotter has done. These give the book an authenticity that make you turn the pages even more quickly. Be it a believer or skeptic, these tales are extraordinary and will leave you with questions of your own. There is also reference information provided at the end of every chapter, so you can do your own research. I adore Maryland and the next time someone speaks of the beautiful state, I may have to say, “Maryland? I hear the place is haunted.” Enjoy the state, devour this book, and hope that Ms. Cotter isn’t done sharing the extraordinary with us.”

“This book really makes me miss the east coast! Cotter does an excellent job of combining folklore, history and personal accounts. She also provides websites and suggested readings for interested readers without bogging down the book. It’s a fun quick read that provides the opportunity to learn more. This book is great for anyone who lives in or plans to visit Maryland who would like to learn about the history in a fun and relatable way. “

“This is a great collection of stories that could take place anywhere, even your hometown. Amelia does a fantastic job of telling the stories in such a way that you do not want to put the book down.Pour a glass of wine, sit back, crack the book and have a very enjoyable evening.”